Why Are Your Mink Eyelashes Always Returned?

Why Are Your Mink Eyelashes Always Returned?

Low price strategy does not make sense on Eyelash Industry

Buy cheap eyelashes at a low price, and then sell eyelashes at a low price. This is the price strategy of many eyelash dealers. This strategy has many disadvantages. The dealers exhaust themselves during the business process and cannot make money. Products are often returned. Do you have this experience? Many Mink Eyelash Wholesale Distributor USA only focus on low wholesale price eyelashes when starting their mink eyelash line. They buy low-priced mink eyelashes and sell them to customers who also want to buy mink eyelashes at a cheaper price. But most of the time this kind of circulation is a tragedy. They may be lost customers, or even more because their mink eyelashes are returned, and the money is returned to her customers. They get nothing. Why do your mink eyelashes always look back? Now let us analyze the reasons together and see what happened and how to change this situation.


Low-priced mink eyelashes are mostly inferior mink eyelashes
The main production area of ​​eyelashes is in China. With the increase in labor compensation in China and the decline in the dollar exchange rate, the cost of eyelashes has doubled compared to a few years ago. You originally needed high-quality eyelashes that could be purchased for 3 US dollars, but now they are at least 5 US dollars. cost! So the low-cost eyelashes that you can buy in the market for $2 are all inferior mink eyelashes produced by robotic mechanics. If you manage this kind of eyelashes, you don’t dare to expect customers to buy them again, right? The most likely result you can encounter is a customer’s return or even a claim!

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Low-priced mink eyelash orders may even be a scam
Many eyelash manufacturers do not have their own designers and skilled workers, so they can only produce low-priced mink eyelashes. These Wholesale Eyelash Vendors often get orders at very low prices, and then send customers more inferior eyelashes. They came through this improper means Earning improper gains is very different from the pictures they provide. If you do not verify the sample sheet, you will be deceived, and your loss will be even greater!

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Only by changing the price strategy can you have the confidence to manage high-end eyelashes
So how to solve these problems? It’s very simple. Change your price strategy and manage mid-to-high-end eyelashes. Although it was a bit difficult when you first started, customers are hard to find, and eyelashes are selling slowly. You know very well that the buyers of high-end eyelashes are high-end consumer customers, as long as you Choose a better eyelash wholesaler, obtain a stable supply of high-end eyelashes, and then provide your customers with meticulous after-sales service, such as popularizing knowledge of eyelash storage, popularizing how to wear eyelashes, how to clean eyelashes, then your customer group is slow Only stable growth, the prospects are very good!

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Aupres Lashes is your best premium eyelash supplier
Aupres Lashes is the Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors of high-end eyelashes you expect! Our mink eyelashes are elegant, high-quality and very popular, especially the 25mm large mink eyelashes are very hot and they are always imitated.
Many eyelash suppliers will use photos of our 25mm mink eyelashes to show customers their orders at low prices. However, because they do not have skilled workers and innovative designers, they are unable to produce high-quality mink fur. The delivered mink eyelashes are completely different from the confirmed photos, or they have delivered part of good quality and some of inferior quality. , And the quality is inconsistent.

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Our top designers always launch popular styles in time, leading the trend of eyelashes
An excellent designer always releases popular styles of mink eyelashes, and always leads the market, just like our chief designer Tomas, he released 2018 25mm mink false eyelashes, these styles became Popular style, and launched 20mm mink false eyelashes in December 2018. Popular 2019. He knows the needs of end consumers very well and knows how to bring different feelings to the end consumers. Low-level designers can only copy and imitate. They are no different to the end user.

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Our skilled eyelash workers can make eyelashes with soul
The 3D mink eyelashes produced by workers of different levels are completely different. Skilled workers can easily understand the designer’s ideas and make 3D mink eyelashes the most beautiful mink eyelashes. They have directly mastered the designer’s ideas in each process, and each process can be perfect! The unskilled workers are just general in appearance. They just comb the hair together according to the drawings. There is no soul. The mink eyelashes they make are also crude mink eyelashes. The mink eyelashes they make are not sold well. The mink eyelashes made by the workers are It is extremely ugly. When you wear it, it cannot bring you beauty, but is uncomfortable, even ugly. What you are facing is constant return from consumers!

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Customers are more concerned about the quality of mink eyelashes, the price is not as important as you think!
From the above, you can know why you always want to return your eyelashes, why you always look for new customers and keep losing them, so your business idea is wrong! You only care about low prices. You think low-priced mink eyelashes are easy to sell, but you don’t care about the main thing. Customers really care about the price. No one wants to buy expensive mink eyelashes, but they care more about the quality of mink eyelashes. You must remember that quality is the first and price must be the second. You sell products with good quality but high prices, 70% of customers will come back and buy products from you repeatedly, but if you sell mink at a low quality price, despite the low price, then customers will never pay You buy the product.

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Customized beautiful eyelash packaging box, Make the customers high price acceptance, attracting customers’ attention
Obviously, beautiful and popular Custom Eyelash Packaging can make your customers self-improve the grade of your eyelashes. She is willing to spend more money to buy beautiful packaging eyelashes. You can customize popular and beautiful eyelash packaging boxes from aupres lashes. We have different colors. Boxes of different shapes are available for you to choose, and the MOQ is very low, and the delivery time is very short, so that you can low investment, fast turnover, improve the efficiency of capital use, and make more money!

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Maintaining regular contact with suppliers is the first step to your success!
In this case, how to choose high-quality but low-priced mink eyelashes is more important. Therefore, finding a reliable eyelash supplier is very important for your mink eyelashes business. In the Internet age, we have no reason to give you high prices. Under the same product quality, our prices are the best! We just want to bring you more business opportunities, and we only hope that you wear the most beautiful eyelashes in the first time!

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