Why Aupres Lashes Can Get Hundreds False Eyelash Orders Every Day?

Why Aupres Lashes Can Get Hundreds False Eyelash Orders Every Day?

Many customers complain that our Wholesale Mink Lashes are a little bit expensive, but after purchasing samples and experiencing them, they look down on those low-quality and cheap eyelashes. they keep repeating purchases. With the support of these customers, we get  over 100 mink lash orders every day!

Now we analyze why our eyelashes are so popular? Why are our customers so loyal? After doing these analyses, we know what our customers need, and further improve our work to provide customers with better services.

High-quality eyelashes are always sought after. After customers experience fashionable and comfortable high-quality eyelashes, they will never use low-quality eyelashes unless they have no money. High-quality eyelashes are locked in high-end consumer loyal users. Aupres Lashes uses the best raw materials, the most experienced eyelash production workers, through strict product testing methods, to ensure that the eyelashes sold to customers are the best, and all customers can purchase all the eyelash products in the catalog with confidence after ordering the sample order , And very satisfied!


25mm Mink Lashes


The exquisite eyelash packaging makes American eyelash retailers very proud when they sell their products, and the minimum order quantity for wholesale eyelash packaging boxes of Aupres Lashes is only 30 pieces, so that with a very small investment, customers can get Custom Eyelash Packaging Box ,create their own eyelash brands , this is a very powerful advantage of Aupres Lashes.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

There are also customers who only have their own brand name and do not have their own exclusive logo. Don’t worry, Aupres Lashes has an experienced designer team. After you confirm the order and pay, the designer can do Free Lash Box Design for you, and can send logo design demo to you to get your approval before starting production. Are you satisfied with this kind of service?

Caustom Eyelash Boxes

Aupres Lashes  always have sufficient Mink Lashes Wholesale  inventory and box inventory. Delivery will be arranged within 24 hours after get paid , and your order can be delivered  to your home within 5 days after payment; if your orders with Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes, we can ship your deliver your order within 10 days, support  you to start eyelash business in a very short time!

Wholesale Lashes And Packaging

Aupres Lashes is an innovative  Mink Lash Vendors and  Lash Packaging Vendor. They attach great importance to the renewal of eyelashes and packaging. They  always bring exciting products to customers. New products lead fashion. They will bring more fashionable high-end consumer groups to customers and bring retailers More profit. 

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

Now you should understand why Aupres Lashes can have so many orders every month. Cooperating with Aupres Lashes is your wisest choice.

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