Why can Aupres Lashes be reused more than 20 times

Why can Aupres Lashes be reused more than 20 times?

First of all, the Aupres Lashes mink eyelashes are made with very high-quality mink hair. The high-quality mink hair comes with a curly shape. The hair is shiny and does not absorb water. It is easy to return to its original shape after washing. Use without deforming!

Secondly, Aupres Lashes mink eyelashes use very good cotton thread, as well as very good glue, so that the cotton thread itself does not break, and the waterproof glue ensures that the eyelashes will not break when it encounters water, so that the mink hair will not fall. If it is dropped, can it be reused?

Mink lashes that do not lose hair are not very good lashes for reuse. Long-term wearing of lashes and no deformation after washing are the premise of repeated use. Aupres Lashes uses their own physical methods to shape the lashes and reuse them more than 20 times. No deformation, only such eyelashes are the best eyelashes.

Corresponding to this image is garbage eyelashes, using inferior mink hair, inferior eyelash stalks, and inferior glue, these eyelashes will pierce the eyelids for the first time, and have an odor, and the lashes will crack when they are taken a few times. Mink hair will soon become a waste This kind of eyelashes, if you buy it at a cheaper price, it is also very expensive in terms of the number of times it is worn. The cost of a single wear is more than that of high-quality mascara!

So, you are lucky to cooperate with Aupres Lashes. Aupres Lashes  high-quality eyelashes will bring you a lot of loyal customers. When you have more and more customers and continue to buy repeatedly, your eyelash business will be on the fast track of success. Tao, the better your business is, the better your wealth will be. The most important thing is that you do it very easily! !

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