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Why Can We Get 300 Mink Lash Orders Every Day

Why Can We Get 300 Mink Lash Orders Every Day?

Aupres lashes is a Mink Eyelash  industry and trade company Group, we are Lash Manufacturer, Wholesale eyelash vendors USA.

We are also Custom Lash Box Packaging factory, we can provide you with customized Lash Packaging Boxes,print your LOGO on the packaging box!

We have gained believes from tons of  lash vendors customers from USA , Canada and Austrilia, and now our brand Aupres Lashes very famous, many clients google search us from the internat, we get over 300 eyelash orders from different country all over the world!

Much of the clients are repeatedly  purchase, like Princess Brown, she ordered 6 times within 30 days and total spent  2000$ on mink lashes and custom lash packaing boxes.