Why Clear Lash Glue Pen So Popular ?

Why Clear Lash Glue Pen(Lash Glueliner) So Popular ?

We need lash glue support when we wear eyelashes, to apply the lash glue on lash band is a skill work, this has prevent many lady from wearing lashes, only because they get mess and smudge when they apply lash glue to lash band, but now everything changed, because we launch the Lash Glue Pen!

Lash Glue Pen has unique felt-tip, the lash glue ink flood out slowly and evenly from the tip of lash glue pen, this makes possible directly apply the lash glue on eyeline, then put the mink lashes onto your eyeline before the glue get dry instead of apply the lash glue onto lashband, this definatly change the way to wear eyelashes.

Lash Glue Pen makes it very easy and simple to wear eyelashes. Every one know how to draw eyeline, then she can apply lash glue by using the felt-tip of Lash Glue Pen the same way, because of the felt-tip design, the glue ink is well controlled, the perfect result is mess free and smudge free, this will great help for the people who are afraid apply lash glue on lash band.

The lash glue is orginal South Korea, very good quality, strong hold and long lasting, waterproof, can stick any kind of false lashes, also can fit for any ocassion, best choice for beginners.

The Lash Glue Pen can help you draw wing out on the out cornor of you eye, the thick glue ink can make it quickly finish drawing it than eyeliner, same costs you are now own one bottle lash glue and one eyeliner pen, much costs effective, it’s the best gift choice too, buy it now, don’t miss!

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