Why Customers Repeated Buy Custom Lash Box From Aupres Lashes?

Why Customers Repeated Buy Custom Lash Box From Aupres Lashes?

Aupres Lashes Eyelash Vendor is famous Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors, we not only supply 3D Mink Lashesm, but also supply Custom Lash Packaging Box serivice! Many regular customers repeated order Custom Lash box,following paragragh tell you the real reason.

Custom Lash box

We have more than 150 different styles of Lash Box models for customers to choose from. At present, we have all the best-selling styles on the market, such as Butterfly Boxes, Pink Dollar Boxes, etc.  customers choose different eyelash custom packaging boxes for each order.

Custom Lash Packaging Box

The reason why we have so many Eyelash Box is because we know that exquisite packaging will attract more customers, and we want to help our customers attract and retain more customers, so that they can conduct their eyelash business better and more smoothly

Eyelash Box

In addition, we have a professional designer team. If you do not have your own logo, our design team will arrange the design for you for free until you are satisfied. We have designed many customer logos for our customers, and many customer feedbacks have given very high evaluations, praising our designers for their spirituality and beautiful logos that exceed their expectations.

Dollar Eyelash Packaging

Our minimum order quantity for your logo packaging box is only 30 pieces, which is perfect for customers who are just starting out or working in small businesses. Therefore, many of our customers will reorder our packaging, and we will continue to update the product

Butterfly Eyelash Packaging Box

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Uncle Yang / 11th, Dec.2020.

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