Why Do Walmart Keep Buying Eyelashes While Complaining About The High Price?

Why Do Walmart Keep Buying Eyelashes While Complaining About The High Price?


Walmart (my customer name ) placed 4 orders from July 3rd from Aupres Lashes – a very famous Wholesale Lash Vendors till now,  she has bought total 120 pairs lashes, she was very satify to the mink lashes quality supplied by Aupres Lashes.



Walmart get many offers during this period, some of the lashes are very cheap, same costs 170$ she can get much more lashes, tweezers, brushes, she try to get few samples from other Eyelash vendors besides Aupres lashes, and do some research work, try to find good quality but low price Mink Lashes.

4 different eyelash styles Walmart ordered 

Obviously, Walmart’s research failed, compare to the lashes from Aupres Lashes, other mink lashes only advantage is cheaper price, but as another results, many customers do not buy lashes from her again because of the cheaper but bad quality mink lashes. These customers are High-end group, which do not care price, only care beautiful and comfortable mink lashes, this make Walmart very sad!

She discuss with Aupres Lashes again for a favorable discount price, try to get  low price mink lashes, but failed, the only reason is that Aupres Lashes only make high quality mink lashes, that means 100% handmade, best mink furs, best lash band and glue as material, also that means high costs for each 3D Mink Lashes, so it was reasonable selling in high price. In this case, Walmart can not get low price!

While complaining on the priecy costs, Walmart done the payment :))).  Thats the powerful of high quality mink lashes, my opion: promoting high quality mink lashes with a little bit high price has following great advantage:

  1. High prices  automatically isolate low-level consumer groups from your customer base, while high-level consumer customer groups are precious wealth for you!
  2. High end consumer group only care on lash quality and lash fashion, trending, the mink lash price is not a matter at all, what you should do is letting these customers know you have high quality mink lashes, and you always have new fashion mink lashes, then they will be your faithful customers forever!



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