Why Do We Recommend Eyelash Sample Packs For You?

Why Do We Recommend Eyelash Sample Packs For You?

The most effective way for American customers to buy 3D Mink  Lashes and Lash Packaging  from  Eyelash Vendors which is faraway from USA is to communicate through WhatsApp。 The buyer can  watch eyelashes pictures or videos, inquire about the price and  delivery period, and finally quote a reasonable price to reach the purchase intention.

But because the buyer is not at present , she cannot see and wear the eyelashes herself. In this case, we recommend the Eyelash Sample Packs  to our customers from Mink Lash Vendors, which is extremely responsible for her, we consider following reasons.

Our Eyelash Sample Packs are  composed of best-selling styles, these lashes are very good quality, you can spend a small amount of money to buy the Eyelash Sample Packs, you only need to experience the soft and relaxed feeling of the eyelashes, and then strengthen your confidence and repeat the purchase.

Buy the Eyelash Sample Packs, you can also experience our fast delivery service, fedex provides us with logistics transportation services, you can receive the goods within 5 days after payment, so that you can start eyelash business as soon as possible.

Our Eyelash Sample Packs only contains 6 or 8 styles of eyelashes. These are the best-selling styles. With the sample pack, you can order easily. Avoid choosing from a catalog of more than 100 eyelashes, saving a lot of time and effort. Choosing the best-selling eyelashes is also a very laborious task, especially for those who are new to eyelashes.


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