Why Do You Have To Order Eyelash Accessories?

Why Do You Have To Order Eyelash Accessories?

Buying eyelashes from drug store become  history. People are used to placing orders from online shop to buy eyelashes. What disappoints customers is that they can only buy eyelashes from Eyelash Vendors, not easy to buy accessories such as glue and tweezers. In this case, customers must look for those Eyelash Vendors who have eyelash accessories available as well to buy instead of buying eyelashes from one and buy lash accessories from another! So, I recommend my customers to buy eyelash accessories at the same time they buy eyelashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging!

Aupres Lashes provides high-quality glue, tweezers, eyeliner pens, brushes, and can also help you print your logo, so that all your objects have your logo, very beautiful and exquisite, I firmly believe that customers like to spend money to buy exquisite and try Eyelash Accessories!

Our glue is pure natural zero latex, without any peculiar smell, and can directly touch the skin. Sensitive skin can use it with confidence.Most important, it is waterproof.

We have 9 different colors of Tweezers, from rosegold to black, their must have a certain color for you. They are made of steel, light and easy to use, very popular, everyone like the tweezers.

Eyeliner Glue Pen is a new product recently launched, it can be used as eyeliner and lash glue, and easy to carry, so it is much popular by customers and very good quality! You can draw eyeliner while wearing eyelashes, which is so convenient! Our eyeliner glue pen has two colors, one is black and the other is white. If you don’t like black eyeliner, you can choose white glue pen, because it will become transparent after drying.

All accessaries can be print logo for you, with only 20 pieces moq, we can make these custom Eyelash Accessories  with only 5 days!  When you order these accessaries, suggest you take 1/3 the amount of lashes, you know not all customers need to buy eyelash accessaries, thats the best rate save money!

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