Why handmade 3D Mink Lashes so expensive

Why handmade 3D Mink Lashes so expensive?

Any mink lashes price coming from costs, very good raw material, skillful lash workers, long producing time and also strictly examin formalities, these all makes the costs of handmade mink lashes price, from following , you can know why handmade 3D mink lashes more expensive than machine made mink lashes!!

1  Raw materials –luxury mink fur hairs
All wholesale mink skins are made from mink skins, we will carefully collect mink skins, this will waste too much time, and mink hair is very valuable, therefore, compared with other materials made of eyelashes, the price will be Much more expensive.
Such as the production time of eyelash glue, eyelash belts and other short curls, these make the handmade mink eyelashes take a long but necessary time.


2 3D mink eyelashes manual production process
As you know, all Luxury 3D mink is handmade. And it will require too many skilled workers and energy to complete this work, so it will pay too much money for the training of skilled workers. If your eyelash wholesaler tells you that their eyelashes are cheap and handmade, then you should be extra careful.

3. Strict quality control procedures
Good products are controlled through strict factory inspection. Each batch of our products will be tested in the finished product link. Is it shed? Will it break the lashes? Is it waterproof?
These will cut a lot of human and financial resources, of course, will increase the cost of the product?

4. Ways to buy
Generally, all 3D wholesale mink lashes come from China, it may be that you buy mink lashes from your country / region, and all the eyelashes from your country / region must be imported into China, plus tariffs, freight, etc. expensive.

5 change your [purchasing habits

Usually you can buy 3D mink lashes through e-commerce platforms (such as Amazon, eBay, etc.). Moreover, you can only buy them at retail prices. And it will be much more expensive than the wholesale price, so your price is not competitive. This is because the platform will charge merchants fees for the platform, so these fees will be passed on to consumers.

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