Why Only High-quality Eyelashes Can Help You Expand The Eyelash Business?

Why Only High-quality Eyelashes Can Help You Expand The Eyelash Business?

Let’s make an buying decession, Are you willing to spend $12 to buy a pair of high-quality eyelashes that will make you look very beautiful? Or are you more willing to spend $7 to buy a pair of ordinary quality eyelashes with no special features? In the face of beauty, money is willing to bow down! Aupres Lash Vendors is convinced that 80% girls would like to spend a few dollars more to buy good eyelashes to make themselves beautiful, besides, high-quality eyelashes can be worn more times, maintenance is simpler, more convenient to wear, and the average cost per wear It costs as much as ordinary eyelashes! So we can easily deduce a conclusion that we should sell high-end eyelashes to start our own eyelash business!

Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors

Let us see what are the characteristics of the high-end eyelashes produced by Aupres Lashes, and why they can attract more customers to buy?
××These eyelashes are made of mink hair, which is made of natural mink hair that is 2 years old. The mink hair has long hair, good oily hair, bright luster and zero cruelty, and the top of the hair has a tip, which is naturally curled. The most similar to the natural hair of the human body!

3d Mink Lashes Wholesale

×××The other materials used to make eyelashes are top quality. The best cotton thread is used to make eyelash bands. It is soft and light. It will not break when used for a long time. Use the safest and high quality glue to glue the eyelash stems and hair together. These 3D Mink Lashes  can be worn more than 30 times without deformation, and there is no weight at all on the eyes, so it is very comfortable!

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×××Using patented technology to shape, the eyelash curling is very good, and different styles of eyelashes have different shapes, you don’t need to bother with mascara to shape the eyelashes , as long as you choose the shape that matches your eyes. This will save you a lot of time every morning. I believe every girl is willing to spend a few more dollars to save morning makeup time!

Eyelash Vendors

We were surprised to find that many American Eyelash Vendors rebrand their lash line by selling Aupres Lashes eyelashes, theirs lost customers returned. Moreover, the loss of newly developed customers was very slow. The eyelash business was slowly but steadily growing up. The eyelash brand was established again. This is really a happy thing. I believe that good eyelashes can speak for themselves and their quality will retain customers. The excellent experience they bring to customers comes with their own promotion function. Although your selling price is a little higher in the begining, every time you develop a customer, this Customers will become your loyal customers, and bring you new customers for free, because girls like to share their good feeling to others, this process of sharing experience is your free advertising!

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