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Why Samatha Forbes Continuously Place Eyelash Orders To Aupres Lashes?

Why Samatha Forbes Continuously Place Eyelash Orders To Aupres Lashes?

May 18th, Samatha Forbes placed her first order to Aupres Lashes,  she placed another 4 different orders till now with in 2 months , Why does she always place order from Aupres Lashes ?

This is first packaging list which Samatha Forbes order for sample packs with 6 different lash styles.

Samatha’s mother is her first eyelash model,  her mother very satify with the lash quality and fashion,  it is supper comfortable when the eyelashes wearing on eyes, light weight and soft band!


Samantha make a perfect logo design, our designer help her make it perfect, we produced the lash box for her, every time need 10 days producing boxes when she placed her order.  She is a very good Eyelash Vendors, sales very quickly, so she always pay half quotation to make 30 boxes once first order ship out, 10 days later pay the balance to get them all ship out, in this case, her order can be supplied in time! Never delay due to longtime box producing time!


Samantha usually change her order list of  mink lashes according to feedbacks she get from her customers and her mother, following is her mothers photo with Dc13, supper cool and she get a lot of compliments on it, of course this lash styles must be most popular lash styles among the adults women.

Also she is ready to change another lash box model with the same logo design, she said Aupres Lashes has a lot of new box very beautiful, it should be much help to her business!