Why You Need To Order Eyelash Sample Packs?

Why  Need To Order Eyelash Sample Packs Before Bulk Order?

When you start your lash business, the best way to place order is to order sample packs, in that case, you can repidly get trending and best seller mink lashes.

Now we analyze a sample pack from Aupres Lashes sample pack website and see how the sample pack works:

Above sample pack is a combination for DRAMATIC styles, it covers 25mm lashes 2 pairs , 20mm lashes 2 pairs, 20mm lashes 1 pair and 16mm lashes 1 pair, it took typical dramatic lashes from the catalogs and list in front of you, if you want to promote dramatic lashes, this is the best choice!

Create your lash line, i know 6 different lash styles enough, these typical mink lashes can satisfy 80% customers request,  so we mostly make 6 pairs lashes to make a sample pack!

25mm mink strip lashes dramatic styles 

25mm mink lashes DL08
25mm mink lashes DL08

Mink Lash Vendors

25mm mink lashes DL03
25mm mink lashes DL03

Wholesale Mink Lashes

Via ordering the sample packs, you also can test  shipping time from Mink Lash Vendors , also mink lashes quality and after sale service , its not easy to collab with an reliable lash vendors

22mm mink lashes dramatic styles 


22mm lashes DN16

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

22mm mink lashes Dn06

Lash Vendors

20mm and 16mm dramatic lash styles 


20mm lashes DM05

Mink Eyelash Vendors

15mm lashes Dc22

Eyelash Vendors

Every Eyelash Vendors would like to show their best sellers to the new customers, so you just ask for sample pacs from the lash vendors, then you can get the best mink lashes without pay much time to choose from so many lash catalogs, to save time and also save money! 

To see more sample packs, please visit >>>>>>>>Eyelash Sample Packs


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