Why your mink lashes always be return?

Why Your Mink Lashes Always Be Return?

Many lash vendor(dealer) only focus on low lashes wholesale price when they start their mink lashes line, they purchase  low price mink lashes and sell it to the customers who also want buy mink lashes with cheaper price. But most time this circulation is a tragedy, they are perhaps lost customer, even more their mink lashes are return, the money also return back to her customers, they get nothing. Why your mink lashes always be return?  Now let us analyse the reason together, to see  what happened and how to change this condition.

  Low price mink lashes mostly are bad quality mink lashes

In the Internet era, the lash wholesale price is very transparent. Nobody risks asking for a high price unless his product is really good quality and with very fashion elements. He know which market to give up and which market to stick to. Then you can find the good quality mink lashes directly through the mink lash price, low price mink lashes mostly are bad quality mink lashes, poor quality mink lashes must be return.

Imitated mink lashes quality is not consistent

Our mink lashes are elegant、high quality and very popular, especially 20mm and 25mm large mink lashes are so hot, it is always be imitated.


Many lash vendor take our 20mm mink lashes and 25mm mink lashes photos to show their clients to get order with low price. How ever, because they did not have skillful workers, do not have innovative designer, the can not make good quality mink lashes, the mink strips lashes they delivered are completely different from the confirmed photos, or the mink lashes they delivered some of them are good quality, some are bad quality, and the quality is not consistent.

Low designer only imitate mink lashes

A good designer’s always release popular styles mink lashes, and always lead the market, like our chief designer Oscar, he released 25mm mink strip lashes 2018, the styles became hot styles within two month,  and  launched 20mm mink strip lashes December 2018, must be popular 2019. He knows the demand of the final consumer very well and he knows how to bring different feelings to the final consumer. Low designers only can copy and imitate. they can’t make anything different for the end consumer.

Not skillful workers just make the general appearance

The 3D mink lashes made by workers at a different level are entirely different. The skillful workers can easily understand the designer’s idea and made the  3D mink lashes the most  beauty mink lashes. They are in each process directly grasp the designer’s idea, each process can be perfect! And not skillful workers just make the general appearance, only hairs put together according to drawing, without soul,  the mink lashes they made are also crude mink lashes.The mink lash they made do not sell well, the mink lashes that the worker made is coarse and ugly extremely, when you wear, it can not take you beauty, but instead is uncomfortable, it is ugly even, what you are faced with is consumer ceaseless return money!

Customers are more care about mink lashes’ quality.

From the above you can know why your eyelashes are always be returned back,  why you are always seeking new customer and constantly losing them, you are in a wrong operating thought!! You only care low price, you considered that low price mink lashes is easy sale, but not care the major, customers are really care about price, no body want to buy expensive mink lashes, but they are more care about mink lashes’ quality.

 You must remember, quality is first, and price must be second consideration. You sell good quality but high price, 70% clients will come back and repeated buy from you, but if you sell them with bad quality mink lashes, though it is low price, the customer will never buy from you again.

Seeking an credible lash vendor is most important

In this case, how to choose good quality but low price mink lashes is more important, you are seeking an credible lash vendor is most important for your mink lash business.In the Internet era, we have no reason to give you a high price, in the same product quality, our price is the best! We just want to bring you more business opportunities, just want you to wear the most beautiful eyelash at the first time!
Win-win cooperation can last!

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