With These  Lash  Boxes You Must Be Succeed

With These  Lash  Boxes You Must Be Succeed !

Selling Mink Lashes through social media, logistics and distribution has become a daily activity of Eyelash Vendors. It is the best help to attract eyelash consumers by printing beautiful eyelashes packaging boxes. A few beautiful eyelashes packaging boxes can give you Bring more customers, bring more profits, and with these packages, you will surely succeed

Drip Water Custom Lash Packaging Box 

The bright yellow water drop lash box can not only attract customers to purchase eyelashes, but also attract customers to buy nail care and lip gloss. If you also sell lashes and lip gloss at the same time, this is an eyelash packaging that you cannot refuse!

Dollar Sidedrawer Custom Lash Box

The US dollar pull-out box is also the latest custom lash packaging box. The front of the box is transparently packaged. Customers can clearly see the quality and style of the eyelashes inside the box. The pink US dollar pattern is behind the box. The US dollar is the most attractive to customers. Yes, with this box, customers will be attracted to you,

Transparent Acrylic Lash Box 

Transparent rectangular acrylic lash packaging box is very popular, but you must match the exquisite logo design and multiple color bottom cards for you to choose. This is the third most popular eyelash packaging box.

Exotic Lash Packaging Boxes

Exotic lash packaging boxes are most popular with romantic girls. The beautiful imagination of the outside world has become the pursuit of exotic styles. Although these two exotic packaging boxes have a small audience, they are also very popular. The customers of the box are very loyal customers. Be kind to these customers and you will make a lot of money

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